Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dice-K OK in Rehab Start

Daisuke Matsuzaka made his second rehab start of 2012. He threw 4.2 innings for the AA Portland Sea Dogs. He threw 74 pitches (15.8 pitches per inning), 44 for strikes, 30 for balls. That's not a great ball-strike ratio, to be honest. But this is Daisuke we're talking about. He faced 17 batters, allowed 3 hits, walked 2, and struck out 7.

Two walks is great, and 0 runs is even better. But let's remember that these were AA hitters who aren't noted for their patience. The biggest struggle Daisuke has had in the Majors has been the patience of MLB hitters. How many of those 2 or 3 ball counts might have turned into walks against big league hitters?

I'm not saying this was a bad start. But these raw box score from it don't mean much, good or bad.

What matters is that there are no reports of pain or a setback.

The Sox could use another starter. And ironically, the return of Daisuke might help the bullpen most of all. Even though he needs considerable assistance from the bullpen, Daisuke's presence in the rotation means that one of the current starters could go out to the pen. That would be a significant boost.

No word yet on when Matsuzaka's next rehab outing will be.

Matsuzaka, in keeping with tradition, paid for the post meal spread. Which consisted of steak, ribs, and sushi (Source)

Photo Credit:
Troy R. Bennett, Bangor Daily News

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