Friday, June 29, 2012

New England Warrior Benefit

On July 3rd the Seaport World Trade Center will be hosting the New England Warrior Benefit to Support Families of Fallen and Wounded U.S. Special Operations Troops .

"The New England Warrior Benefit will bring together the nation's most celebrated military leaders and region's top influencers for a fundraising gala for five non-profit benevolent organizations that provide critical support and financial assistance to the children, spouses and parents of our elite service members, who routinely perform dangerous acts of valor to preserve and protect the American way of life. "

The five non-profit organizations are:
The Navy SEAL Foundation
The Wounded Warrior Project
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation
The Semper Fi Fund
No Greater Sacrifice

Senator Scott Brown and Mayor Menino will be in attendance, along with numerous esteemed guests as well as servicemen and women.

"The evening's fundraising celebration will be complemented by a one-of-a-kind online auction, featuring five hand-crafted, custom-branded DIRICO motorcycles, each themed to represent a different brand of the United States Military Special Operations Forces."

These are the bikes, which are each powered by a heartbeat Harley Davidson engine...

The No Greater Sacrifice bike

The US Marine Corps bike

Shawn Thornton on the Airborne Tribute bike

Detail of the Airborne bike

The very cool looking Navy SEAL bike

The US Air Force Combat Controllers bike

You can bid on these motorcycles by clicking here.

And to learn more about the event and/or to contribute, you can click here.

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