Monday, November 05, 2012

Rhode Island Suing Curt Schilling... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Rhode Island's Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is suing Curt Schilling. The accusation is that Curt Schilling, along with former head of the EDC Keith Stokes (yes, the agency is suing its former head), knowingly concealed the fact that Schilling's video game company (38 Studios) would run out of money in 2012.

This is simply delightful. Curt Schilling can't get away from his transgressions.

If the EDC can prove that Schilling knew the company was running out of money (Schilling's intense lobbying for new investors, and the fact that the company ran out of money seem to support such a theory), and hid that information from the state, then he could be in lots of trouble. And he'd be on the hook for lots of money.

Schilling claims the lawsuit is politically motivated. No shit, Schilling! That's what happens when businesses get money from the Government. You can't involve politicians without things getting political. And actual Conservatives know that. That's why we don't like Governments and Corporations getting into bed together. Taxpayer money is used to help someone make a profit, and the company can't do business without political restrictions and conditions. It's not an ideal situation.

Schilling isn't a true Conservative, though. He just liked spouting the rhetoric, and feeling morally superior to others. Well, his morals are dubious at best. I think he's greedy, selfish, ego-maniacal, and unwilling to take any moral responsibility for this company's failure. He forgot his alleged Conservative principles when it became convenient and potentially profitable for him. And now that the state that helped his stupid company is out $100 million, all he can do is play the role of a misunderstood victim. Rhode Island is the victim (perhaps of their own stupidity for investing in a video game company), not Mr. Schilling. But Curt won't take moral responsibility for this.

Maybe the courts can make him take financial responsibility.

I only wish he'd have to pay back the $100 million to each Rhode Islander personally. That's $95.15 owed to each citizen of the Ocean State, along with an apology.

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