Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zdeno Chara at Canobie Lake Park

It's all over the internet. Zdeno Chara was photographed riding the Rowdy Rooster at Canobie Lake Park, evidently drowning his post-Finals sorrows by spending time with his family (he has a 4-year old daughter). But he's so gangly and awkward that everything he does, apart from play hockey, looks weird. He's a trim 6' 9" white guy with an Amish beard, he looks out of place no matter what he's doing.

In this Instagram photo he looks like he just got finished fighting Confederates at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Good for him, spending time with his family, and he was nice enough to take pictures with people as well. Seems like a nice guy off the ice. I've heard a theory about tall people being nice, because if they're not extremely kind they'd come off as intimidating.

I'd shit my pants and run, though, if I saw him on the bumper cars the same time as me.

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