Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Police Arrest Aaron Hernandez, Patriots Release Him

It's been a bad day for Aaron Hernandez. He's been arrested, and he's lost his job.

The Patriots, very quickly, released Hernandez. He hadn't even had time to be booked and arraigned before the Pats cut him loose. Which surprised me. Why not wait to at least hear the charges? The speed and timing of this release makes me think it came from the Krafts. They want nothing to do with this dirty business.

In all honesty, he seems guilty of something. Whether that's murder or being an accessory or just obstruction, we can't know yet. Even if it is only obstructing justice to protect a friend, the instant he decided to put his thug friends ahead of his commitment to the Patriots, he made his choice what team was most important to him. You want to Keep it Real and not cooperate with police? You're on your own, kid.

He was officially released today, but he hasn't been a part of this team since this crap started.

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