Monday, September 30, 2013

Vince Wilfork Tears Achilles, Likely Out for Season

The golf cart he rode is still listed in critical condition.

Just when you thought you could be joyful about the Patriots, you learn that their most important defensive lineman will probably miss the rest of the season. Reports circulating the internet claim that he tore his Achilles Sunday night. And an injury of that severity typically takes 6-9 months to recover from (source).

The Pats defense has been relied on to win games this year. If this report is true, it drastically alters the shape of that defense. Completely filling the gap left by Wilfork is impossible. Vince Wilforks don't grow on trees (if they did, the branches would have to be quite strong, and when ripe Wilforks fell to the ground they'd make a big dent. You wouldn't want to sit under a Wilfork tree for shade). Wilfork absorbs blocks, helps stop the run, and is the cornerstone of the front seven. Now all his responsibilities must be spread among the other players up front. Sunday night we saw two rookie linemen record sacks. They're going to have to continue to perform in Wilfork's absence.

But injuries are part of the game. Considering how involved he is on defense it's amazing that he's never been seriously injured up to this point in his career.

That's football.

Photo Credit:
David Goldman - Associated Press

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