Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This Award is pretty self explanatory. It goes to the worst sports writer.

Here are the nominees:

Dan Shaughnessey - Boston Globe
Gregg Easterbrook -
Jay Mariotti - Chicago Sun Times

And the winner is…

Gregg Easterbrook of!

I thought Shaughnessey was going to win his second Worst Sports Writer Award, but Easterbrook’s nonsensical rantings about Bill Belichick being Richard Nixon, Peyton Manning being Jesus, Tony Dungy being Mother Theresa and Tom Brady being Josef Stalin won him this award.

He was already a contender thanks to his 50,000 word columns which often feature random segments on astronomy, and tangents about large shipping vessels. He’s one of those guys that blows the importance of sports into unreal proportions, assigning “good guy” and “bad guy” tags to athletes and teams based on some sort of super high morality.

Oh, and that second G in his first name just pisses me off. It's so pretentious, just like Easterbrook.

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