Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This Award goes to the New England athlete who took the most criticism, guff, and abuse from the fan base, the media, and possibly his teammates. With all that was good this year in Boston, there was a definite shortage of goats.

The nominees are:
Jeremy Jacobs - owner, Boston Bruins
J.D. Drew - RF, Boston Red Sox

And the winner is…

J.D. Drew of the Boston Red Sox!

When Drew signed a $70M deal in the off-season, the fans and media of Boston were baffled. His numbers have never been eye popping, and he’s found his way to the DL more than a cop finds his way to Dunkin Donuts. Drew’s performance merited criticism, as he seemed to be pressing at times. Although he may have redeemed himself in the World Series with some big hits, people will never forget the countless times he struck out looking in game changing situations.

Drew has lots of room for improvement in 2008. With Lowell another year older, Ortiz coming off surgery, and Manny in the last year of his contract; a solid bat in the middle of the order is desperately needed. That's what JD was brought here to do. But so far, he's failed.

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