Friday, December 11, 2009


Remember that hubris I alluded to a few days ago? That overconfidence the Bruins sometimes get when they get a 3 goal lead, or they sweep the Canadiens? We saw a bit of that last night. The good news is, they woke up just before it was too late to wake up.

How valuable has Mark Recchi been to this team since coming here from the Lightning? In 48 games wearing Black & Gold, he's scored 17 goals. Not bad for a guy who we all thought would only contribute experience to the Bruins' playoff equation.

It looks like Rask is the #1 goalie for right now. Thomas wasn't awful in that 7-2 loss in Montreal, but some injury problems and perhaps a bit of stress from performing perfectly with nothing but losses to show for it; seem to have caught up with him. Plus, Rask is the hot hand. His GAA in 12 games is 1.98, and his SV% is .931. You don't pull a goalie when they're performing like he is.

And don't worry about Thomas, either. This isn't the first time he's been pushed aside, although this is still temporary. And Thomas won the Vezina last year after only appearing in 54 games.

The Bruins have won 7 of 9, so I get to include a pic of Jeri Ryan, a.k.a. Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager.

Bruins @ Islanders Saturday night.


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