Monday, January 04, 2010


These are the picks for the Bowls Games leading up to the big one on Thursday. We'll have the preview for that one on Thursday morning.

Monday 1/4 - 8:00PM - Fox
Fiesta Bowl - Glendale, AZ
#6 Boise State Broncos vs. #4 TCU Horned Frogs
The BCS, a.k.a. the Bullshit Conspiracy Shenanigans. Instead of testing the WAC and Mountain West Champions against a worthy opponent like Florida, instead of risking the embarrassment of a WAC or MWC team crushing the Big East or ACC Champion, these two teams get to play each other, and the BCS gets to save itself while simultaneously being applauded for its apparent inclusiveness. One of these teams will have a loss after this game. The other won't be applauded like Boise State was when they beat Oklahoma, or like Utah was when they beat Bama. After all, it's just another win over a non-BCS team. Who cares?

TCU is the real deal, and is probably the 3rd or 2nd best team in the country. It'll be a good show, but TCU prevails.

Tuesday 1/5 - 8:00PM - Fox
Orange Bowl - Miami, FL
#10 Iowa Hawkeyes vs. #9 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
The BCS wanted to save these teams. Nothing against them, but TCU and probably Boise State too, would have vanquished them with ease. Particularly Iowa, who might be the worst #10 team in history. Georgia Tech will run circles (about 300 yards worth of circles) around Iowa and win a big one for the ACC.

Wednesday 1/6 - 7:00PM
GMAC Bowl - Mobile, AL
Central Michigan Chippewas vs. Troy Trojans
Before you decide not to watch this game, realize this: both teams went undefeated in their conference. Overall, CMU was 11-2 and Troy was 9-3. These are solid "mid-major" teams here. CMU lost to Arizona and BC, both on the road. CMU is also the best team in Michigan (they beat MSU 29-27 in East Lansing). I don't know much about Troy, so I'll go with the Chippewas.

National Championship Game preview and pick tomorrow morning.

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