Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bright Side of Life

I'm not going to try to cheer anyone up today, but we can at least temper our misery with some pleasant thoughts...

1. Bruins season starts next week, and we'll be hoisting a banner... in front of the Flyers. That'll be sweet.

2. No more JD Drew in a Red Sox uniform (I hope).

3. Beer. Beer didn't ruin your September, and unlike the Sox, it'll be around in October.

4. You're not going to overrate the Red Sox in 2012 like you did in 2011. So if they fail again, you won't be nearly as disappointed. And if they succeed, you'll be extra happy (See: 2004).

5. College football. There are three really good games between 4-0 teams on Saturday.

6. It's very likely that a team not named the Yankees will win. Verlander in a 5 game series is extra dangerous.

7. Lesbians. God gave us lesbians and beer. A winning baseball team would have just been an added bonus.

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