Thursday, March 29, 2012

NFL Changes Too Many Men Rule

In the Super Bowl, there was a play late in the game in which the Giants had 12 players on the field, and despite being penalized for this, the time that ran off the clock stayed off the clock.

So the NFL has made it a dead-ball penalty. It's now like a false start or a delay of game penalty.

I guess that's an improvement. I don't think the Giants purposely sent 12 men out there on that play. If they did, then it was diabolically brilliant. Good for them.

I wish they had made the rule so that any time run off the clock would be put back on (only in the last 2 minutes of a half). That would give the offense a free play. Then they could decide to decline the penalty and take the result of the play (including the time that ran off) or accept it, take the 5 yards, and move the clock back.

But this change will at least keep teams from trying to intentionally repeat the Giants' fortuitous accident.

The NFL has also decided to make all turnovers reviewed by the booth. Players receiving a crackblack block will be considered defenseless players and a 15 yard penalty will be assessed.

Also, the postseason OT rules will now apply to all regular season games as well. If the first team possessing the ball kicks a field goal, then the other team will have a chance to possess the ball and match the field goal, or win the game with a touchdown. The first team possessing the ball can also end the game with a touchdown. After each team has a possession, the game becomes sudden death.

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