Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ryan Leaf Arrested... Again

NFL bust Ryan Leaf was busted on Saturday for burglary and possession of drugs. After posting a $76,000 bond, he waited only 2 days before being arrested for doing the same thing on Monday. He burglarized a home and stole prescription drugs.

It's just sad. And pathetic. He had an opportunity to live a dreamlife, but messed that up. Then instead of using the free degree he got from Washington State to build a normal life, he's taken to breaking into houses and stealing other people's prescriptions.

I'd feel bad for the guy, but he's had every opportunity in the world given to him. This latest example sums up his life nicely. He gets arrested Saturday, pays his bail, then commits the same crime on Monday. He was caught by the home's owner, then told the guy that he'd accidentally entered the wrong house and left. Once the owner of the house noticed he was missing some pills, he called the police.

You couldn't even scout the house and see when the owner typically comes home? With that lack of pregame preparation it's no wonder he failed in the NFL.

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