Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Penguins Win Game, Bruins Win Fight

To be honest, I didn't care about the score of this game. Thomas didn't even dress, Corvo and Krug played, it was a meaningless game for the Bruins.

That is until the Penguins reminded us that they're one of the dirtiest teams in the NHL, and probably the dirtiest team with a clean reputation. ESPN as well as the Canadian-born pundits love Pittsburgh, Crosby, and the Penguins. And will never open their eyes and realize that this is a team of divers, cheap shot artists, and headhunters.

You know what the Penguins are? They're dastardly.

Kris Letang. Way to go, flailing about like your nose had been chopped off when the blade of Peverley's stick grazed your collar bone. Be proud of that, Pittsburgh.

Then there's James Neal, who wisely shied away from a fight with Lucic, and a scrap with Chara. Then Andrew Ference gave him no choice. Ference attacked Neal, who is 20 pounds heavier than Ference, and the Bruins defensemen won the fight, and got the takedown.

Neal was only willing to fight below his weight class and he lost. Be proud, Pittsburgh.

I don't care that the Bruins lost, but I do care that Johnny Boychuk got hurt. Boychuk's knee bent awkwardly while he applied a check and I'm more than a little worried. Boychuk is a tremendous playoff player, due to his heavy-hitting and heavy-shooting. Hopefully he'll be back soon for the start of the playoffs.

Bruins travel up to Ottawa Thursday night. And so do I. I'll be in Section 325, drinking, yelling, wearing my PJ Stock jersey, and having a good old time. I really don't care if Khudobin is in net, Chara doesn't dress, and Bergeron plays 5 minutes. This team has tremendous character no matter who dresses.

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  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    how about how the Pens have beaten the Bruins three times in a row -- including two in Boston, guess you don't care about that either, eh?

  2. Eh? You from the Canadian part of Pittsburgh.

    Go bitch and moan about Crosby getting concussions then cheer Cooke when he dishes them out.