Friday, April 26, 2013

Patriots Trade Out of First Round

It's difficult to get excited about trading down. It's much easier to get excited about the potential of a brand new player. The Patriots replenished their picks by trading their first-rounder for four picks. But those picks don't have highlight reels. They don't have 40 times. They're not "long," they don't have a "motor."

It's hard to get pumped about adding picks.

At the same time, what player was around at the 29th pick that was exciting? That WR from Clemson was gone. It was a very unspectacular bunch of players.

It isn't just about the deal with the Patriots. It isn't just about the price or the value. It is about the players, or lack of players. Last year there were players they wanted, and they moved up to get them. This year there wasn't anyone the Pats were excited about. The Vikings were willing to surrender a boatload of picks. It made sense, to the Patriots, to make the deal.

Just like they emphasize situational football, they also made this move because of the situation. The trade was good enough, the players weren't. Simple as that. Had other players been available, maybe they don't make the deal. If the Vikings don't offer as much, or another team offered more, they don't trade with Minnesota.

They got a pretty good deal.

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