Friday, August 02, 2013

Riley Cooper Might Be a Racist, He Might Not Be, But He's Definitely a Douchebag

Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! wrote a very good piece about Riley Cooper, suggesting that the Eagles WR should apologize to the black security guard he said the N-word to, and that the man who was the target of the slur has been lost in the conversation.

Cooper didn't just use the word in a joke, or in a general way, he said it to a person. And in a threatening way. This 6' 3" 222 pound pro athlete felt the need to try to intimidate some security guard, and used the slur to do it. And he was quite comfortable using it in conversation.

I don't know if Cooper is a racist or not. His teammates might have forgiven him. And he'll undergo some sort of bogus "anger management" or "racial sensitivity" training after this incident. And these classes will mean as much to him as his classes at Florida meant. He'll show up, pass without trying, and move on with his life.

He'll learn to not use that word. He'll learn to behave himself in public, especially when someone is holding their phone up and obviously recording. He will not, however, learn how to avoid be a douchebag.

He was pissed off at the security guard because he couldn't get backstage. As if Riley Cooper is a recognizable face (especially in a sea of fake-hicks wearing plaid cutoff shirts) and should be granted limitless access wherever he goes. Cooper probably could have gone through his team in order to get backstage, it happens when concerts are held at sporting venues. I'm sure the team would have found a way to accommodate him. Instead, Cooper wanted to skip all that and be recognized as better than everyone else. The security guard did his job, and he got called a nigger for it.

Yes I typed it. I typed it because Cooper said it. And he said it in a threat. What Cooper did was absurd, and his absurdity needs to be reinforced by actually using the word Cooper used.

To reiterate, Cooper is 6 foot, 3 inches tall. He weighs 222 pounds, almost all muscle. He's a pro athlete in a physical sport. And he was threatening someone. Cooper has to be the big, tough man. He had to threaten the guy who didn't bow down before him. He had to find a way to insult and belittle the security guy. Because how dare that NOBODY get in the way of Riley fucking Cooper?

I don't care about the Eagles fining him (What was the point of that, by the way? How token of a gesture is that?). I don't care about his apologizing. I don't care about his teammates forgiving him. I don't care about his sensitivity training. Racist or not, sorry or not, he's proven himself to be a massive tool.

By the way the Patriots and Eagles are practicing together next week. The practices will be closed sessions. I hope Adrian Wilson jacks this douche-nozzle up. Then Cooper will be asking security guards at concerts where he can keep his crutches.

Also, kudos to the security guy for not flipping his shit and going after Cooper.

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