Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow Will Not Become a Patriot

It amazes me that people still don't get it. Every time a "versatile" player like Tim Tebow or Pat White becomes available, there are always murmurs and whispers that he'll wind up with the Patriots. "They love versatile players in New England."

It's true that Belichick and the Patriots do value players who can play multiple positions. What morons inside and outside of 495 fail to understand is that those "versatile" players must still be good at one primary position. Mike Vrabel, for instance, was not acquired for his pass-catching skills. He was a very good linebacker. So the Patriots acquired him to play linebacker. The 12 TD catches were a welcome bonus, but if he couldn't carry his weight on defense, he wouldn't have made the team.

Vrabel wasn't acquired for his versatility. He was acquired to play linebacker, and the Patriots took advantage of his ability to catch the ball.

Tim Tebow doesn't have the ability to start at any position for the Patriots. Even if you don't think he's a lousy quarterback (which he is), the Patriots are all set at that position. And at tight-end. And at wide receiver. What would Tebow's primary function be?

The closest player to Tim Tebow on the Patriots' roster is Julian Edelman. Edelman was a running QB in college, and was then converted to a receiver, and was then converted to a DB. Morons might argue that he's a guy that doesn't have a primary function on the team, he's just a versatile athlete that can contribute in multiple ways. Sort of like Tebow. Only Tebow is more athletic.

That's all true, but Edelman was acquired with a 7th round draft pick. His cap number is $635,295. I'm sure the Patriots would jump at the opportunity to get Tebow if they only needed a 7th round pick to trade for him and could pay him under $700k. Tebow's cap number is $2.7 million. And I think the Broncos will ask for more than a 7th rounder.

That's a lot to pay for a bench player that comes in for trick plays. Too much. Belichick could find ways to use Tebow's abilities, but not for that price.

Tebow is one hell of an athlete, but versatility alone doesn't get you a spot on the Patriots' roster. Players need to have a primary function on the team. And their value needs to exceed their cost.

That is why, thankfully, Tim Tebow will not be playing his home games in Foxborough.

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