Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 BBS Awards: Bill Russell Award for Celtics Player of the Year

This award goes to the best Celtics player in the calendar year. Which is tough because Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo only played for half the calendar year. And who is left on the Celtics now? Jared Sullinger? Avery Bradley?

So this award is going to Rondo or Pierce or Garnett. Even though they've made no contributions to the 2013-14 season. But which one?

The winner is Paul Pierce.

It's more by default than anything else. Rondo didn't play in the series against the Knicks. Garnett played, but not very well. Pierce averaged 19.2 points in that series, along with 5.7 rebounds and 5.3 assists. This is the third time Pierce has won this award, and most likely the last. That's kind of sad.

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