Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 BBS Awards: A-Rod Award for Biggest Choker

This award, named after Alex Rodriguez, goes to the athlete or team or group of athletes that failed to do their job when it mattered most.

The "winner" of the A-Rod Award for the year 2013 is Tyler Seguin.

Seguin was also named the year's biggest goat. So this is a banner year for someone who doesn't even play in Boston anymore.

What Seguin did to earn this distinction was what he didn't do in the playoffs: score. 22 games, 1 goal, 7 assists, -3. He didn't even get shots on net. In the last three games against the Blackhawks, which the Bruins lost, he only managed to get 3 shots to the goalie. 70 total shots in 22 games, or 3.2 per game.

The B's didn't need Seguin to be Crosby and carry them through a series. They just needed some offense from him. Just a handful of goals. Or assists. Or shots. That's the one thing he was asked to do for the team.

And let's give Brad Marchand a dishonorable mention because he vanished in the Finals as well (10 shots in 6 games). Marchand showed up in the earlier rounds (4 goals, 9 assists, +4 in the playoffs overall), unlike Seguin, which is why Seguin "wins" the award.

I don't miss him. He's doing well in Dallas (19 goals, 18 assists, +12), on a team that's winning but currently sits on the outside of the playoff standings. Good for him. I don't care. Good riddance.

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