Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 BBS Awards: Harry Frazee Award for Goat of the Year

I didn't do the Boston Blood Sox Awards last year. But they're back for 2013.

The Harry Frazee Award (named in dishonor of the man who sold Babe Ruth and a number of other great players to the Yankees) goes to the biggest "goat" of the season. This is someone who disappointed on the field/court/ice, didn't seem to put in the maximum effort, and was capable of doing much better. John Lackey won for 2011, for example. Randy Moss in 2010.

The "winner" of the award this year is Tyler Seguin, formerly of the Boston Bruins.

Seguin was great at partying. And that's fine. Rob Gronkowski is the best partier in New England, but he performs on the field. Seguin didn't perform on the ice. And the partying came before performance for him. The Bruins had to post a guard at his hotel room door to ensure Seguin wasn't clubbing during the Stanley Cup Finals. And upon arriving in Dallas and being asked about being part of a young team, all Seguin could talk about was how happy he was that he'd have single teammates to hang out with.

He's doing well in Dallas, but he never reached his potential in Boston. Especially in last season's playoffs.

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