Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 BBS Awards: Dan Shaughnessy Award for Most Irritating Sports Media Personality

This award once went to the worst sportswriter. But that term is too limited. Not many sportswriters are just sportswriters anymore. Past "winners" of this award include Ron Borges, Tony Massarotti, and Dan Shaughnessy himself. This year we have two "winners." And I'm surprised that I haven't even considered them for this award in the past.

The "winners" of the Dan Shaughnessy "Shank" Award are John Dennis and Gerry Callahan of WEEI's Dennis and Callahan.

You might not know who these two are. And judging by their dwindling listening audience, many of you don't. Dennis and Callahan rarely talk about sports on their morning show. They'll rant about politics or discuss who won the Oscars or talk about the latest episode of whatever TV show they've become obsessed with.

And when they do talk about sports, they never let lack of knowledge or insight stand in the way of making opinions. And these aren't interesting, contrarian opinions like you'd get from Michael Felger. These are just stupid.

They suck up to athletes who appear on their show. Most notably Tom Brady. They criticize everyone else but will never EVER say a negative word about any of the athletes who give them the time of day.

So they're annoying, stupid, generally wrong, biased, offensive, and arrogant. They've alienated women, liberals, moderates, conservatives (such as myself), and people who like sports talk. They suck. Worst sports radio show on the major stations, and that's saying something.

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  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    The worst is Callahan. It's one thing to make predictions as a sports columnist, it's quite another to be so arrogant in doing so. Callahan virtually guaranteed a Bengals win against the Chargers citing how poor the Chargers play. He's wrong more of then not. Sadly, many of his listeners mistake his arrogance for truth and therefore believe his vocal spew about the other non-sports topics that he rants about. The guy is wrong so often in his chosen profession...what makes people think he should have valuable opinions on social/political topics is beyond me.