Tuesday, January 05, 2010


What a fun decade to dissect. How enjoyable it is that there are some legitimate candidates for this Award. The two nominees:

Boston Red Sox
New England Patriots


New England Patriots

Not only did the Pats win 3 titles in the decade, but their greatness spanned the entire 10 year frame. The Red Sox did well to win 2 World Series, but not only is 3>2, but the Sox also failed to make the playoffs in 2000, '01, '02, and '06. The Patriots only failed to make it in '00, '02, and '08. The Sox only won 2 AL titles, the Pats won 4 AFC titles. The Sox only won 1 divisional title, the Patriots claimed 7.

The Patriots were a third-rate franchise just a few years ago. And even in the 90's, they were an also-ran kind of team. You know how we now look at teams like the Chiefs? That's how everyone else saw our Patriots.

Almost all of the big stories in the NFL involved the Patriots this decade, at least on this side of Michael Vick. Writers from coast to coast try to find something spiteful to criticize about Bill Belichick. Writers scramble for Thesauri to find syllables for "great" when they talk about Tom Brady.

The Patriots are not only the Team of the Decade here, they are the Team of the Decade for the entire Country, whether the haters like it or not.

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