Tuesday, January 05, 2010


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That's an apt way to describe the Celtics' decade. It started off nicely, with an ecstatic playoff drive in spring 2002. Then that team's glory faded away, as did the notion of postseason basketball. In 06-07, the Celtics were 24-58, 5th in the division, 15th in the conference. To add insult to injury, the lottery balls didn't fall their way. And then...

Anything is possible!

And now the nominees for the Celtics Player of the Decade...

Paul Pierce - F
Kevin Garnett - PF

The winner...

Paul Pierce.

Pierce spent the entire decade in green and white, going both up and down, then up again. He made Antoine Walker a better player. He gives Rajon Rondo those big assist numbers. He played Kobe Bryant to a T in the NBA Finals. He's defensive, he's offensive, he's the motherfucking Truth.

19,000+ points in his Celtics career. Only Bird and Havlicek have more.

Here are some of Pierce's franchise records. Now remember, this is the best franchise in the game of basketball here:

Scored 30 or more points in a franchise record 12 consecutive games.

Most points scored in a half (including Overtime): 46 (December 1, 2001 2nd Half vs. New Jersey Nets).

Most points scored in an overtime period: 13 (December 1, 2001 vs. New Jersey Nets)
Most three-point field goals made, career: 989 (1998–present).

Most free throws attempted in one season: 812 (2005-2006, breaking his own record of 753 in 2002-2003).

Most steals in one game: 9 (tied with Larry Bird; December 3, 1999 vs. Miami Heat).
Most free throws made without a miss, playoffs: 21 (Game 1, 2003 Eastern Conference First Round).

Most points scored in one half, playoffs: 32 (Game 4, 2003 Eastern Conference First Round vs. Indiana Pacers).

Highest scoring average through one month: 33.5 PPG (February 2006).

Only Celtics player in franchise history to lead the NBA in total points scored in a season, scoring 2,144 points in 2001-2002.

Career scoring average: 22.9 PPG, 2nd only to Larry Bird.

Currently is the Celtics 3rd all time leading scorer. Behind only Larry Bird, and John Havlicek.

It's safe to say that #34 is destined for The Garden's Rafters.

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