Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This has been the Patriots' decade. Both within New England, and on the national stage. Three Super Bowl Championships in an unprecedented age of parity. 4 AFC titles. 7 AFC East titles. Win streaks of 21 and 18 games (real winning streaks, Indy). 112 regular season wins in the decade, 14 playoff games won, a total record of 126-51 (.712).

Here are the nominees for Patriots Player of the Decade, although I think the winner is fairly obvious...

Tom Brady, QB
Kevin Faulk, RB
Corey Dillon, RB
Wes Welker, WR
Randy Moss, WR
Deion Branch, WR
Troy Brown, WR
Richard Seymour, DE
Vince Wilfork, DT
Willie McGinest, OLB
Ty Law, CB
Rodney Harrison, S

And the winner is...

Tom Brady

5 Pro Bowls, an MVP Award, 2 Super Bowl MVPs, 3 Super Bowl titles. 14-3 playoff record. Tom Brady is the best Patriot ever. He's one of the best QBs ever. He's up there in the hearts and minds of New Englanders, with Bird and Orr.

A 93.5 rating since coming into the League, 225 TDs, 98 INTs. 30,658 yards.

Then there's what he did in 2007, 50 TDs, only 8 INTs (that 50:8 ratio always staggers me), and a 117.2 rating.

He's simply the best.

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