Thursday, January 05, 2012

BBS Award for Athlete of the Year

This might be the most coveted Award an individual athlete can attain. Here are the nominees...

Tom Brady, QB - New England Patriots
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF - Boston Red Sox
Zdeno Chara, D - Boston Bruins
Tim Thomas, G - Boston Bruins
Luke Kuechly, LB - BC Football

The winner is...

Tim Thomas

No disrespect to Tom Brady, but Tim Thomas is the best player at his position in all of sports. I wish the NHL produced a DVD of his 798 saves in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (they could call it "798"). This video will have to suffice:

I love when he took down Burrows. That's another thing about Thomas, he'll stick up for himself and his teammates. He won't shy away from a scrap.

We are privileged to see him play here in Boston.

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