Thursday, January 05, 2012

Shaughnessey Award for Worst Sports Media Personality

This goes to the most annoying, condescending, pious, irritating, arrogant, and generally unlikeable sports media personality of the year. It used to just be for sports writers, but there really aren't any "sports writers" anymore. They're all multimedia, multi-platform personalities. And this year, the worst of them was Michael Felger.

I'll admit that I've turned to The Hub for the afternoon show as opposed to WEEI. I'll admit that I think Felger covers hockey very well. I'll admit that I often agree with him. And that's what makes him so irritating. When you find yourself agreeing with Felger, you feel dirty. It just feels wrong.

I think Felger and Tony Massarotti purposely yell dumb things on the radio. I think they know that they make mountains out of mole hills, and that they turn theory into fact, then take an unfounded premise and run with it as far as it will take them. I think they know this. And in a way, that makes it more infuriating to listen.

And when Felger is wrong, he's way wrong. His Tebow loving comes to mind.

He's just an irritant, a nuisance. It's an act. Yet it's still better than listening to Michael Holley ignorantly drone on and on.

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