Thursday, January 05, 2012

Bloody Sock Award for Toughness

This Award typically goes to an athlete that fought through injuries, or severe adversity. Someone who displayed an almost inhuman ability to tolerate pain. However this year this Award is not going to an athlete. Nor is it going to someone who displayed physical toughness. This is going to someone who demonstrated an uncanny amount of mental toughness and character.

Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona.

While in Boston, Terry Francona coached such lamentable people as Manny Ramirez and JD Drew. And in 2011, he managed a team that didn't seem to care about winning, a team with jackasses like John Lackey, and spoiled fake-tough-guys like Josh Beckett. And he has NEVER uttered a negative word about these guys to the media. That's saintlike patience and discretion.

Then he had an ownership group that saw fit to dismiss him. And he honorably took responsibility for losing the clubhouse and left Fenway with grace and class.

Then the same ownership group leaked stories about painkiller abuse. Only then did Francona speak up.

We as fans find it hard to tolerate Josh Beckett's tomfoolery. He as manager had to. And he did it as well as anyone can. Beckett had his contract, which was a luxury Francona didn't have in 2011. Beckett and his buddies acted like douchebags. Francona carried himself with class and he still hasn't said a thing about his former players, the guys who essentially cost him his job.

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