Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tom Brady Award for Surprise Athlete of the Year

This goes to someone who wasn't expected to do much, only to do quite a bit. This year's winner is...

Brad Marchand, LW, Boston Bruins

Tyler Seguin was the reason Bruins fans flocked to rookie exhibition games. But it was another rookie that went from relative obscurity in the preseason, developed into a role player in the regular season, then became a household name in the postseason.

Once the calender flipped to 2011, Marchand exploded. He'd scored 5 goals with 8 assists in October, November, and December of 2010. Then in January of '11 he scored 8 more goals. He added 6 in February. He finished his rookie season with 21 goals.

His biggest impact came in the playoffs. He was an antagonizer. He was a pest. He was tough. And he scored. 4 goals in the Philadelphia series. 5 in the Vancouver series. He scored 11 playoff goals, and the Bruins were 11-0 when he scored.

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