Thursday, January 05, 2012

BBS Lifetime Achievement Award

This goes to someone who has amassed a lifetime of accomplishments. This year I'm giving the Award to someone who is only 46 years old but has already accomplished quite a bit.

Cameron Michael Neely.

Let's talk first about Cam Neely the player. His too short and injury plagued career was brilliant. 395 goals in 726 games. He was a tough, physical forward. Unfortunately for him, he played for a team noted for its careful spending habits (a polite way of saying cheapness). He came close to the Cup a few times, but never won one as a player.

Then he came back to the Bruins as President. It's tough to fully know how much influence he's had on personnel decisions, but it's safe to say that his presence in the front office has influenced the team. The Bruins are tougher than they were before he came. They're more complete and well-rounded. They're a lot more like him.

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