Thursday, January 05, 2012

Varitek Award for Most Overrated Player of the Year

This goes to the Boston athlete that was praised just a bit too much. Maybe they were good, but folks here thought they were all-time great. Although this year I'm making an exception for an athlete playing outside of Boston.

The winner is...

Tim Tebow

The Tim Tebow story was probably the second biggest sports story behind Joe Paterno and the Penn State molestation scandal. You couldn't just be a casual fan of Tebow without turning into a Tebow defender. You couldn't just think he was overrated without turning into a hater.

The conversations became religious in nature, as if Tebow were a prophet or saint. His fans didn't just like him, they "believed" in him. You could show them stats, talk about how well Denver's defense was playing, and all they'd respond with was "he just wins."

Not anymore. He just sucks.

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